OceanView Ovations


“When queried by a friend about my transition from Arizona to Maine and how difficult it must have been, she asked, ‘How long did it take for you to get settled here at OceanView?’ I replied, ‘About twenty minutes, thanks to the great staff and friendly residents here!'” ~ Alma

Jim and Pril

Jim and PrilWe lived in Yarmouth and were looking for community. Pril’s a walker and found she couldn’t find anyone to go walking with. After we talked to a couple we know from church who live at OceanView and told us how much fun it is, that’s what sold it for us.

We wanted to add an addition on to our cottage and Gloria (Director of Sales & Marketing) was wonderful to work with. She was very accommodating and upbeat throughout the entire process, and we’re very pleased with how our cottage turned out.

Everyone here, the other residents and the staff, is outgoing and kind. We moved to find community and certainly found it here at OceanView.”

~ Jim and Pril

Al and Lynn

Al and Lynn“We had struggled with our parents after they went into retirement and didn’t want to burden our children in a similar way. Both our son and daughter had heard about OceanView and spoke very highly of it. Plus we loved Maine and the Portland area.

Downsizing is never easy, but the staff here was very helpful and volunteered to support us in moving from our home in Jackson, New Hampshire.

The security and peace of mind of not having to worry about the property is wonderful. We love the Whipple Farm Distinctive Dining and the Gazebo Grille, big plus. We cook most of our meals, but it’s nice to be able to go out for dinner and not have to drive!

There are many great things about OceanView, but probably the best is the friends we have made.” ~ Al and Lynn


Isabel“I am very happy with my move to OceanView. My apartment was beautifully updated before I arrived and I have a lovely view of the gardens.

The staff and residents have all been very friendly and helpful during my transition, and have made me feel very welcome in the dining room and in the many programs that are offered.

I have joined many activities, including finding a swim buddy for the pool, and really enjoy the painting groups, the wine and cheese parties and movies. The new late seating for dinner on Wednesday nights is a great new option too!” ~ Isabel

Tom and Ellen

Tom & Ellen

“Moving is a difficult process. There are emotional issues in any major change you make in your lifestyle, such as down-sizing to a smaller space, deciding what to keep, what will fit, what to get rid of, dealing with all the old treasures and the memories, and finally selling your home. All of these are issues everyone must face when considering a move to a retirement community like OceanView.

We considered several retirement communities before we chose OceanView. Our choice was made because of the solid foundation, history and culture that the organization is built upon. The resident focus, attitudes and support of all the staff (at OceanView) was amazing throughout the whole process of choosing our new home and moving in. They truly focused on meeting our needs during this time and continue to do everything to help in our adjustment.

We are glad that we made OceanView our retirement community of choice. It is in the beautiful community of Falmouth, Maine. A truly superb setting near Portland with many offerings in the area of things to see and do. We are so glad we’re here!” ~ Tom and Ellen

Hear more about Tom and Ellen’s experience living here at OceanView in our resident panel video: “The Best Decision I Ever Made.”

Al and Flonny

Al and Flonny“Before we actually settled in, OceanView staff helped with our transition from our former home to our present one here. Now we and our two cats are well settled in an apartment that perfectly matches our needs.

We continue to experience the same friendly concern and assistance from everyone we meet, as we explore the many choices of activities and programs that keep us active in mind, body and spirit.

The OceanView community is set on a hillside encompassing fields, old stonewalls and trees, with views of salt water and the east end of Portland – a lovely string of lights in the evening. Truly, every morning we awake and say to each other “Aren’t you glad we’re here.” ~ Al and Flonny


Howard“My wife and I knew the time would come when we would have to leave our beloved home of more than fifty years. We hoped we could find a more convenient one where we would be able to continue our lifestyle in the greater Portland/Falmouth area.

Fortunately, we found OceanView at Falmouth, where the staff, the wonderful programs and our OceanView friends and neighbors have made the transition to our new home a wonderful and comfortable one. We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal situation, right in our own backyard.” ~ Howard



“I remember looking with my daughter for a new home close to my son in Oxford, Maine. OceanView was the first place we saw and after that nothing else measured up.”

~ Jean



A moment to reflect: I realized how lucky I am and how much healthier this was for me. I was among friends, staying active, and keeping up with the world. Yes, this was a good retirement life. Better than being alone on Neal Street, albeit the phone would ring and cards would be displayed on the table. Oh, my friends still call but now they may have to leave messages on my phone! This, yes, this was much better. Not just for me, but for my family’s peace of mind also.

So I take a moment, reflect, give thanks and know how lucky I truly am to be here.” ~ Arlene


Judy“Having lived in Portland in the 1960’s, I considered returning when my daughter relocated here. I found OV and it answered all of my needs….a great location, a strong sense of community, social events and easy access to Portland.

I’d heard about the quality of John Wasileski’s work so I sold my Cape Cod residence and moved back to Maine! I’ve met wonderful new friends and love my cottage…it’s been a very positive move for me!” ~ Judy