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The Gazebo Grille Café & Library Venue Expansions


Residents were very happy when plans were announced to expand The Gazebo Grille Café, as it continues to become an ever popular spot to experience exceptional food, great socialization and beautiful water views!

First and foremost, the expansion will allow for double the seating capacity. (Which probably means twice the morning laughter that will be shared over coffee!) The addition of a refrigerated “grab-‘n-go” case will be stocked daily with fresh salads, fruit, sandwiches, desserts, along with soups and entrées that can be reheated and enjoyed later. A few convenience items will also be available for those “That’s what I forgot to buy at the store!” moments.


And with warmer months fast approaching, a new patio has been laid to accommodate our outdoor seating. Beautiful hardscaping will accent the patio, as well as a built-in propane grill and refrigerator for our summer barbeque menu selections. The addition of a propane fire pit for those cooler summer evenings, will entice residents to stay out a little later under the stars.


We’re excited for the expansion of our Library, as it continues to be a growing favorite spot for residents to read, complete puzzles and play Bridge, MahJong, Canasta and more. Sliding glass French doors from the existing library will lead into a large cozy reading room with windows on all three sides that will provide beautiful views of the woods, Presumpscot River Estuary and Casco Bay.


Furnished with a combination of sturdy and comfortable seating, including recliners, it will be perfect sunny place to read the newspaper, get lost in a good book and enjoy the view!

Resident & Employee Tutoring Friendship

Agnus, Isabel 1

With a Master’s degree in English Literature, Isabel taught at the University of Southern Maine and for 15 years at Waynflete School. After she retired, Isabel volunteered for Portland Adult Education by helping immigrants learn English. She tutored individuals from Afghanistan, China and South Sudan. She helped many prepare for their Citizenship exams and saw some of them actually sworn in.

When Isabel moved to OceanView, she wanted to know if there were any volunteer opportunities here for her to continue English tutoring. OceanView staff got Isabel connected with Agnes, an employee in our Food Services department who had fled from Rwanda.

Agnus, Isabel 2
Agnes has good English speaking skills, so writing has been the primary focus of working with Isabel over the past 6 months, but their friendship continues to grow beyond the textbooks. When Agnes saw Isabel’s sewing machine, they discovered they both shared an interest in sewing, and have found other activities in common they both enjoy.

Agnus, Isabel 3
Both Agnes and Isabel say they have enjoyed the experience very much. With Agnes having survived dangerous situations to get to America and having friends and family members not be as lucky, Isabel says she is thoroughly impressed at how cheerful, positive and resilient Agnes is and says Agnes has a lot to teach her, as well.

OceanView Chef Wins People’s Choice Award at Cook-Off

OceanView culinary staff - Trish Baird, Chef Chris Ventimiglia, Chef Chris McLaughlin and Chef Steven Brustein.

OceanView culinary staff – Trish Baird, Chef Chris Ventimiglia, Chef Chris McLaughlin and Chef Steven Brustein.

Chris Ventimiglia, Executive Specialty Chef here at OceanView, was the crowd favorite this past weekend at the Shop Falmouth Chili, Chowder, Soup and Stew Cook-Off. Chef Chris’ seafood bisque received the most votes from the constant stream of event goers, besting eight other entries.

Chef Chris' Seafood Bisque

As the Executive Specialty Chef, Chris prides himself on bringing a complete sensory experience to the table for OceanView residents. For his seafood bisque – made with lobster, scallops, and shrimp – he puts the focus on technique, blending in flavors and textures throughout the preparation. Chris then adds fresh herbs at the end to really wow the senses.

People's Choice Award

The seafood bisque featured local and traceable seafood and ingredients, re-enforcing OceanView’s commitment to sustainability. It’s a value shared by OceanView residents who desire healthy, enriched living.

Catering at OceanView

“The seafood bisque represents the quality of food we prepare for OceanView residents on a daily basis,” explains Chef Chris. “To receive recognition for that is elating, especially as we are now offering catering services to the region.”

For more information on OceanView’s catering services, event and meeting venues, please call 207-781-4460.

OceanView Celebrates 29 Years With A Jungle Safari!

OceanView Celebrates 29 Years With a Jungle Safari!

OceanView Celebrates 29 Years With A Jungle Safari!

Residents bushwhacked a path to our Commons Room, where exotic flowers, vines and leaves appeared to have grown. There also were a few wild animals roaming about!

OceanView Celebrates 29 Years With A Jungle Safari!

The Maine Marimba Ensemble’s musical performance lead to some lively dancing. Even the lion thought they were wonderful!

OceanView Celebrates 29 Years With A Jungle Safari!

Before heading off to a special dinner with an African-influenced Caribbean menu, residents could hop in a jeep to have their picture taken. “Look out behind you, Joan!”

We can’t thank our incredible residents and staff enough for making this such a wonderful community for yet another year. As we now enter our 30th year, we’re excitedly looking forward to our “pearl” or “trigentennial” anniversary!

OceanView Donates Wood to Cumberland Wood Bank


The Cumberland Wood Bank, a community based non-profit volunteer organization, provides wood and monetary heating assistance to Cumberland and its neighboring communities. They operate through donations of hardwood logs from the generosity of both private individuals and development projects.


OceanView has and will continue to donate usable hardwoods from trees being removed for building the remainder of our Schoolhouse Cottages Neighborhood.


What wood the Bank doesn’t give to those in need, is sold at current market rates or above, and 100% of those funds are used to provide fuel assistance to those who can’t burn wood. Funding for operational expenses and equipment maintenance is supported by the volunteers and private donations.


For more information about the Cumberland Wood Bank, how you can volunteer or make a donation of wood, money or equipment; visit: .

OceanView Owner, John Wasileski

OceanView Owner Pledges Quarter Million Challenge Grant to Town Library Expansion

Library Rendering
Artist’s endering of Completed Expansion

In November 2014, Falmouth residents voted overwhelmingly to approve the town issuing of a $2.8 million bond to cover half the cost of expanding the library. The remainder of the $5.6 million project will be raised through individual and business donations through a two-year fundraising campaign.

Robert Emple, Treasurer & Capital Campaign Steering Committee, Library Board of Trustees
Robert Emple, Treasurer & Capital Campaign Steering Committee,
Library Board of Trustees

A host committee of OceanView residents held a wine and cheese reception on Tuesday, September 8th, for a presentation on the project.

Architect, Scott Simons
Architect, Scott Simons

The expansion will allow for an increased collection of books and other media, added technology and meeting spaces. Even with the addition of approximately 8,000 square feet, energy costs are expected to go down, thanks to the energy efficient building and improvements.

OceanView Owner, John Wasileski
OceanView Owner, John Wasileski

John Wasileski, OceanView’s Owner, said he has “always intended OceanView to be a part of the community, not apart from it.” John is especially excited that the expansion will allow for increased collaborative programming and services offered between OceanView and the library. He went on the say, “As OceanView residents, your property tax is included in your monthly fee, so you may feel you’ve already contributed your part. OceanView is the town’s largest taxpayer and I could have said the same, but I feel this need is important and therefore am pledging $250,000 and am challenging all of you to match that amount!”

For more information on the Falmouth Memorial Library’s expansion and how you can help support this important effort, please visit:

Thanks to OceanView Funding, School Achieves Net Zero Energy Certification

Friends School

Artist’s rendering of completed Passivhaus school.

A special partnership between OceanView at Falmouth and the Friends School of Portland has led to monumental achievements in energy-efficient building. The new 15,000 square-foot facility has become the first school in Maine, the first commercial project in Maine, and the third school in the nation to achieve Passive House Certification – the highest international energy efficiency standard.

Through a funding agreement with OceanView, a 144-panel solar array was purchased and installed, enabling the school to fulfill its vision of being a Net Zero Building – meaning it will produce as much energy as it uses and will eliminate the need to rely on traditional heating fuels such as oil, gas, coal or wood.

“This partnership extends beyond a financing component,” said OceanView owner, John Wasileski. “OceanView shares the Friends School of Portland’s commitment to clean energy and stewardship, and we envision a great intergenerational partnership for years to come. With multiple solar projects across all of our (OceanView’s) properties, the value of alternative energy cannot be understated.”

Read the full article in The New England Real Estate Journal:

Memories in Tune

Memories in Tune

  Memories in Tune

Research studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia effect the part of the brain that responds and reacts to music last, allowing for memories associated with certain songs to be triggered and brought back to life when listened to. Bringing personalized music selections into the lives of the elderly through digital music technology is shown to improve quality of life. Here at OceanView, we have been engaging our residents at Legacy Memory Care in a program inspired by the film Alive Inside

Armed with a library of music and fleet of MP3 players, OceanView staff member, Mike Maddock, has been meeting individually with Legacy residents, interviewing them about their favorite music from the past and present. “Sometimes they can’t recall many song titles or artists, but I can get insights by asking them about their life experiences,” says Mike. “One gentleman I met with told me he was in the Navy during WWII and was stationed on a boat next to Liberty Island, right under the Statue of Liberty, so when he had shore leave, he would go into the city. I tried playing him songs from the 30s and 40s, big band jazz, Sinatra. His eyes lit up and foot started tapping. But it was Wonderful World, by Louie Armstrong that trigged a story about when he met his wife and going out dancing with her.

Memories in Tune

OceanView staff member, Mike Maddock, with Legacy Memory Care resident, Karen, who is a Beatles fan.

With this project we hope to give each Legacy Memory Care resident a MP3 player loaded with their own personalized playlists to enhance their memory retention and quality of life. Mike says it’s really special for him. “I feel like these MP3 players are little time machines and I get to witness these people get instantly transported back and relive their past experiences. It’s truly incredible.”