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OceanView Tastes Success with Gelato Fundraiser


This September, OceanView will hold its second annual on-campus Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This month, our Legacy Legs team had a tasty kick-off to their fundraising efforts with a Gelato Fest!

Gelato Fiasco of Brunswick, Maine, generously donated an assortment of gelato and sorbet. Flavors included Espresso Chip, Cookie Therapy, Dark Chocolate Noir, Madagascar Vanilla, and Wild Maine Blueberry – made with blueberries handpicked in Blue Hill, Maine, only a couple of days before!

Gelato Fiasco staff member, Alisa, talked about the founding of this local Maine company, what gelato is and how it is made. For a suggested $5 donation, OceanView residents and staff lined up for the sinfully-delicious treat, perfect for the sunny summer afternoon.

The event raised over $500 – an excellent start to our fundraising efforts in anticipation of the OceanView Alzheimer’s Walk right here on campus on September 26th! All funds raised directly benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter.

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Masters on Display – Live at OceanView!


“Tableau vivants,” French for “living picture,” were popular forms of entertainment before radio, film and television. Some tableaus were used to recreate works of art on stage with props and posed, costumed actors, who did not speak or move during the display. A couple of weeks ago, OceanView residents and staff staged their own take on a tableau, calling it “Masters on Display!”

OceanView’s Catering and Food Services Manager, Steve, had the idea to stage a painting centered around food. Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” was chosen and OceanView residents Mabel and Didi took charge coordinating “models” and props!

The “Display” was staged in our Gazebo, which sits just beyond the patio of our Gazebo Grille Café. Additional chairs were set up on the lawn to accommodate a large audience of residents who watched the scene come together, while enjoying wine, cheese and French music.

It certainly was a fun and unique way to kick-off the summer. So what’s the next piece of art to be taken on by OceanView’s Masters on Display? We’ll just have to wait and see!

OceanView’s First Resident Celebrates 100!

Myron’s daughter-in-law, Sue Hager (left); Myron’s son, Bill Hager (center); Myron Hager (right); and OceanView Director of Operations, Maureen Connolly (standing).

In 1986, Myron and Gladys Hager met John Wasileski, who was building a new retirement community called OceanView. The Hagers were the first residents to move in, with Myron becoming the first Chairman of the OceanView Resident Council.

31 years later, on May 26th, Myron celebrated his 100th birthday here at Falmouth House, which was decked out in a baseball theme. Boston Red Sox “tickets” showed the lunch menu which included Cracker Jacks, hot dogs and Maine lobster salad. John Wasileski was unable to attend the party, but gave a video speech from out of state, where he was attending a conference.

Donna Brookings, Quilts of Valor Maine State Coordinator and a retired Falmouth House nurse, presented Myron with a certificate, recognition letter and quilt made by a group in Yarmouth for his military service (above). Falmouth fourth grade students, who participate in our Senior Teachers program, had stopped in the day before to deliver over 100 handmade cards to Myron!

Residents, staff, family and friends sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with Myron and shared pieces of a baseball field cake that was made by OceanView Dining Room Manager, Angela.

“Slugger,” the Portland Sea Dogs baseball team mascot, paid a special visit to Falmouth House, bringing birthday wishes to Myron. Myron saw Slugger again that weekend when he threw a ceremonial first pitch at a Sea Dogs game, and the stands erupted with cheers!

Happy Birthday Myron, and thank you for continuing to bring such kindness and joy to the OceanView community since our birth!

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Resident Ranked #1 in Orienteering

OceanView resident Ruth was excited to discover that she was ranked 1# for her age category in this year’s “Orienteering North America” magazine! Orienteering is a sport in which individuals traverse a predetermined course over diverse terrain, using a topographical map and compass to navigate from point to point.

Having taught physical education for 25 years, Ruth has been active her whole life. She first tried orienteering at a workshop offered by the Appalachian Mountain Club and discovered she liked doing it and was good at it. Ruth continued to participate in the sport all over America, as well as Sweden, Scotland and Canada. Forty years later, Ruth still enjoys orienteering, and has an impressive collection of plaques and medals on display.

Ruth isn’t alone in her passion for the sport here at OceanView. Another resident, Tony, has been orienteering for over 40 years and designs some of the maps that groups use. Tony started an OceanView orienteering group and designs courses overlaid on our campus map! The group meets about 6 times throughout the year and has residents scrambling all over OceanView’s 80 wooded acres.

Maine Family Business Award

OceanView Receives Maine Family Business Award

Maine Family Business Award

At the Maine Family Business Awards Gala held this past Wednesday, OceanView at Falmouth was honored to receive the Environmental Leadership Award. The evening was hosted by WCSH-6 anchor Cindy Williams, who said OceanView was chosen for its many sustainable practices including recycling 95% of all generated waste, a robust composting program, and use of solar energy throughout its campus, making it Maine’s “greenest” retirement community.

Presented by the Institute for Family-Owned Business in partnership with MEMIC, the awards recognize exemplary Maine firms that demonstrate excellence in family involvement, business success, and commitment to employees, customers and community. With 166 nominations, an independent panel of judges selected the 7 winners from among 20 finalists.

We would like to thank the Institute for Family-Owned Business for this honor. We also are very grateful to our incredible team of employees and the residents they serve, we couldn’t do it without them.

Legacy Memory Care Receives Corporate Champion Award

The Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter, held a Volunteer Recognition Event this past Tuesday at the Maine State Capital’s Blaine House, where Legacy Memory Care at OceanView was delightfully-surprised with a Corporate Champion Award! The Association’s Director of Corporate Initiatives, Elizabeth Elliott (center), can be seen here with Legacy’s Sales Associate, Elaine DuMais (left), and Legacy’s Program Manager, Valerie Lamkin (right).

Solar Electric Vehicle Charger On Campus

Continuing in line with OceanView’s Commitment to Sustainability, a new Electric Vehicle Charger has been installed on our campus, powered by solar energy. Barry Woods, Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation at ReVision Energy, says, “As we continue to see more electric vehicles come on the roads, there will be a real need to provide infrastructure to accommodate the increasing need for charging stations. Maine also has the highest usage of oil per capita than any other state, so finding energy alternatives is crucial in chipping-away at that number. Between all the solar installations and now this vehicle charger, OceanView really is ahead of the curve.”

New OceanView resident Mollie loves her Tesla and had a vehicle charger installed in her new Schoolhouse Cottage, which all include grid-tied solar electric systems and each save 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of CO2 per year. Mollie is glad that OceanView values the environment and recognizes that green energy alternatives are important to sustainability.

Last month OceanView was honored to be named the top winner in the Business Leadership Category at the “eco-Excellence Awards” held in Portland [Read More Here]. And last week, OceanView hosted a Business Energy Fair along with the Chamber of Commerce and Town of Falmouth.

See more media about OceanView’s commitment to sustainability at:

OceanView Awarded Top Winner in Business Excellence


OceanView at Falmouth was named the top winner in the Business Leadership Category at the ‘eco-Excellence Awards’ held in Portland.
The ‘eco-Excellence Awards’ is an annual program organized by ‘ecomaine’ to recognize individuals, businesses and schools that demonstrate effectiveness in raising awareness, community impact, and ease of replication of their sustainability programs or initiatives. A non-profit, ‘ecomaine’ is a recycling and waste-to-energy operation serving a third of the Maine’s population.
As OceanView has thrived and grown over the past 31 years of operation, it has kept a thoughtful eye toward sustainability. The list of OceanView’s accomplishments include diversion of 30,000 pounds of food scraps, dozens of kilowatt hours of grid-tied solar electric, a 360-tube solar hot water collector, 18,000 gallons of displaced propane, over $1 million invested in renewable energy, elimination of more than 223,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, and rooftop solar arrays being installed on new residences which will each save an additional 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of CO2 per year.
OceanView’s community also offers a robust composting and recycling program. Cooking oil is recycled and reused for biodiesel and soaps, produce and seafood is locally-sourced, all disposable products are sourced from recycled or compostable materials, along with the composting of food waste. The construction of OceanView’s Blueberry Commons, Legacy Memory Care, Lunt School, and Schoolhouse Cottages projects recycled 95% of all waste and surplus materials. Solid core wood doors, vinyl windows, cabinetry, appliances, and laminate countertops from older buildings are continuously donated to Habitat for Humanity.
Artist’s rendering of the Friends School of Portland
Through a funding partnership with the Friends School of Portland, OceanView enabled the school to fulfill its vision of being a ‘Net Zero Building’ with the purchase and installation of a 144-panel solar array. The facility was the first commercial project in the Maine, and the third school in the nation, to achieve ‘Passive House Certification’ – the highest international energy efficiency standard.
“The Business Leadership category recognizes businesses that don’t operate under a mission focused on environmental sustainability or conversation, but who make it their job to integrate it into everything they do. OceanView has done a notable job of demonstrating that both large scale and small-scale sustainability programs are achievable and replicable,” said Caleb Hemphill, chair of ‘ecomaine’s’ Outreach & Recycling Committee. “We have a growing need for senior housing solutions and OceanView is an exemplary, very relevant model to other developers across the state.”
Visit our Commitment to Sustainability page for more information on how OceanView stays ‘Green!’
OceanView to host the Chamber of Commerce Energy Fair on April 12th. [Click for Details]