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New Ford Flex

New Vehicles Added to OceanView’s Transportation Fleet

New Shuttle Van

Our residents are always on the go, and to better accommodate their active lifestyles, our Transportation Department has added two new vehicles to their fleet!

New Shuttle Van Boarding

A custom-built shuttle includes a chair lift, two spots to secure wheelchairs, overhead storage racks, handle-grabs on seatbacks, and wide stairway entry and aisle. With seating for 14, this new shuttle joins two others, for a total transportation capacity of 42. Our Concierge Shuttle service transports our residents not only on-campus to activities and events, but also to supermarkets, performance venues, museums, and daytrips to various points of interest.

New Ford Flex

A new Ford Flex was also added to our personal transportation service. With seating for up to 6 passengers, the Flex is specifically designed with low ground clearance, which makes it easy to get in and out of. If our residents need a ride to an appointment or the airport, they know it’s just a phone call away!

All of our shuttles will be busy driving around our campus at our Annual Open House THIS SUNDAY, the 9th, from 2 – 4:30 PM.
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Lobsters having just been cooked.

Annual Lobster Bake “The Best Ever!”

Residents enjoying appetizers on Whipple Farm patio.

Our Annual Lobster Bake is something our residents and Priority Waiting List members look forward to every summer! After stopping off at the open bar, people enjoyed a spread of appetizers on the patio of the Whipple Farm House.

Residents enjoying Whipple Farm Overlook patio and firepit.

Next, people could meander down to our new “Whipple Farm Overlook,” where they were served shrimp cocktails and hard (and soft) lemonade. Some grabbed a seat by the firepit and looked out at our beautiful 5 acres of conservation land.

Steamed Clams at Lobster Bake.

After people were seated under the tent, they were served steamed clams with drawn butter, and enjoyed live music and singing by duo Bess Jacques and Per Hanson.

Lobsters having just been cooked.

The lobsters this year were cooked tent-side, packed with seaweed, over an open flame – the real down east way! Our non-seafood-eating guests enjoyed organic roasted chicken. Fresh corn-on-the-cob, baby potatoes, coleslaw and rolls rounded out the feast. The evening was capped with a few sing-along songs, coffee and classic blueberry pie with whipped cream!

Residents Karen & David eating lobsters.Residents Karen and David diggin’ in!

While everyone always raves about how nice the Lobster Bake is, this year people exclaimed that it truly was “the best ever!”

OceanView resident using scroll saw in new Workshop.

New Resident Workshop Opens

New OceanView Workshop exterior.

Our resident woodworkers and the like were excited for the opening of our new community Workshop!

Residents in new OceanView Workshop.

The new Workshop is double the size of the previous one, allowing more room for various projects to be spread out.

OceanView resident using scroll saw in new Workshop.

The Workshop includes a new dust filtration system, routing table, drill press, table saw, band saw, and scroll saw – which you can see one of our residents, Bill, using above.

OceanView resident sanding wood in new Workshop.
The Workshop is also stocked with various hand tools. Another resident, Tom, can be seen here sanding the stem piece he made for a 14 and 1/2 foot mahogany Ilur sailing dingy he’s building in the basement of his Schoolhouse Cottage!

With the all the headaches of home ownership and maintenance eliminated here at OceanView, our “handy” residents have more time to focus their skills and efforts on fun projects for pleasure!

OceanView Fitness Manager, Kate Foley, Guest on Maine Calling

Maine Calling on Maine Public

For years, scientists and researchers have extolled the benefits that exercise can contribute to our physical wellbeing. They now are discovering the positive impacts physical activity also has on mental health. This was the topic of discussion today on Maine Public’s call-in show “Maine Calling.”

OceanView’s Fitness Manager, Kate Foley, was invited on as a guest, along with Scott Douglas, Contributing Editor for Runner’s World; and Glenn Stevenson, Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator for Neuroscience at the University of New England. Hosted by Jennifer Rooks, the panel of experts addressed listeners’ thoughts and questions on ways to get more exercise into your life and how it can help you feel better—both physically and psychologically.

Listen to the show here: 

Garden Party

OceanView Residents Host Summer Block Party

Garden Party

Each summer, different OceanView residents volunteer to host “Block Parties” within our different cottage neighborhoods, welcoming those from all over the campus to come join in the fun!

Garden Party

OceanView’s Activities staff takes care of the outdoor seating and awnings, and our Dining Services provides the catering.

Garden Party Food

This particular gathering was hosted by residents Arlene, Betty, Joan and Sally. Spanning across the yards of four cottages, the crowd enjoyed sun, food and company among beautiful plantings nestled against a wooded backdrop.

Garden Party Lobster Rolls

And, of course, it wouldn’t be summer in Maine without our famous lobster rolls!

Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

  Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

At the request of our residents, we are excited to announce that our heated four-season pool has been upgraded with a salt water treatment system! Salt water pools offer a more convenient sanitization method over chlorine, with the salt only needing to be replenished after heavy splash out or drainage, and can be done while the pool remains open.

Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

Special pool-grade salt is dissolved in the water and run through a chlorine generator, which converts the dissolved salt into active chlorine, and then the freshly treated water is returned to the pool. Salt water is also more environmentally-friendly, and extends the life of the pool liner and bathing suits!

Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

The change to salt water from chlorine not only reduces skin and eye irritation and eliminates the harsh chemical odor, but also produces water that is silky-smooth and luxuriously soft to swim in. Our lap swimmers are amazed at how much easier they can glide through the water, and attendees of our water aerobics classes have been saying how nice the water feels to move in!

Pool Upgraded with Salt Water Treatment System

After exercising in the pool, our residents can relax in the adjacent hot tub spa, knowing that it is also salt water treated.

Visit our Fitness for Life page to learn more about our extensive fitness offerings!

Culinary Academy Features Maple Syrup

OceanView’s Culinary Academy Features House-Made Maple Syrup

Culinary Academy Features Maple Syrup

OceanView’s Dining Services has launched its Culinary Academy, where residents learn to prepare creative dishes from our skilled chefs. The sessions are held in the historic Whipple Farmhouse, home of our Distinctive Dinning venue. Each class has a theme, and this month’s was maple, as it is the season for syrup making. The class started with a maple syrup tasting – one store-bought, and one our chefs made directly with sap tapped from trees on the OceanView campus! Residents said OceanView’s syrup had a more complex flavor.

Culinary Academy Features Maple Syrup

Chefs Jean and John then proceeded to demonstrate how to prepare Maple and Spice Mulled Wine, Maple Rosemary Glazed Walnuts, Savory Pain Perdue with Thyme Infused Maple Syrup, Strawberry Arugula Salad with Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Candied Maple Bacon Ice Cream!

Culinary Academy Features Maple Syrup

After the cooking demonstrations were complete, everyone adjourned to one of the dining rooms for a luncheon with the foods prepared. As the food was enjoyed, residents discussed how excited they were to take the recipes back to their own kitchens to try.

Culinary Academy Features Maple Syrup

The theme ingredient for the next class is chocolate – which will include not only sweet, but also savory applications, as well as a sampling of fine Belgium chocolates that Chef Jean brought back from her recent trip overseas!

Don’t miss our upcoming Entertaining Taste of OceanView Luncheon, where our chefs will demonstrate how to prepare some of their favorite brunch dishes, and attendees will get to sample them!

OceanView’s Annual Soup Challenge

Last Friday, our chefs went “ladle-to-ladle” for our annual Soup Challenge, where OceanView residents voted for their favorite. Last year’s winner, Chef Betsy, went on to also win the Peoples Choice Award at the Town of Falmouth’s Hot-in-a-Pot contest.

This year’s contenders included: Chicken Tortilla, Wild Mushroom and Marsala, Grammy’s Ham and Noodle, Purple Cabbage with Horseradish and Rye, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Shrimp and Hake Bouillabaisse.

A hundred residents had the difficult task of sampling the savory soups and having to decide on just one to nominate as the best. The suggested $5 donation to participate benefits OceanView’s Resident Assistance Fund, a resident run non-profit organization that grants funds to residents in need.

While people enjoyed freshly baked cookies and coffee, the votes were tallied. Chef Keegan (right) came in third with his Chicken Tortilla soup, Chef Johnny (left) received second place with his Wild Mushroom and Marsala, and Chef Betsy (center) took first place once again with her Chicken Cordon Bleu!

OceanView residents certainly look forward to this popular event every year – especially knowing they will continue to enjoy our chefs’ delicious homemade soups all year round at one of our on-campus dining venues!

Check out our Chef Specialty for one of our chef’s soup recipes!