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Staying Green spells Success in Tough Times for OceanView Retirement Community

Despite a down economy, slow home sales, and uncertainty about the future, locally-owned OceanView at Falmouth, a 60 acre retirement community just minutes from downtown Portland, is currently finalizing a large construction project, expanding their Main Lodge with 27 luxury apartments. A major project, despite the economy, was 90% sold out prior to construction beginning in the fall of 2010. The final few apartments have subsequently been sold prior to completion and now have a waiting list. With gas fireplaces, spacious floor plans, and balconies or patios, many of these large two bedroom, two bathroom apartments overlook Casco Bay and Portland. New residents are moving into their customized new apartments between Halloween and Christmas.

For Fritz and Betty Hessemer, the decision to move to OceanView from Rehoboth, Delaware was about being closer to their family. “Our daughter, Jane, asked us to move closer in case we needed her. She knew about OceanView, heard about the expansion, and when we saw the plans we were sold,” said Fritz from his apartment’s private, third-story deck. Motioning to the Presumpscot River Estuary and beyond to the Portland skyline, he said, “we have the most beautiful view of the water. Not to mention that as an energy conservationist, I love the fact that solar energy is being utilized.” His wife, Betty paints both with oils and watercolor and has her studio set up. With the walls of their apartment covered with beautiful portraits of their grandchildren or scenic beachscapes from Rehoboth, Betty has been eyeing the view out her window for her next piece of inspiration.

“We’re so excited about this very successful project and the new residents who are joining our active, stress-free community, ” said Sales and Marketing Manager, Gloria Walker. “Plus, we’re celebrating 25 years this fall, since OceanView first opened in 1986, so to finish our new Main Lodge Expansion while we celebrate our silver anniversary is a real testament to the OceanView lifestyle. It also speaks volumes about our owner and his commitment to being a leader in smart growth, sustainability and quality service in the retirement industry in Maine.”

Locally owned and managed by John Wasileski for 25 years, OceanView at Falmouth, along with his two other communities, The Highlands of Topsham and Highland Green, has always maintained a focus on controlled, smart growth, conservation, and alternative energy sources to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint. This leadership earned John Wasileski the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence several years ago.

Today, numerous solar hot water systems are in use at OceanView at Falmouth, including a 360 tube array on Hilltop Lodge, 12 flat plates on Falmouth House, heliocol collectors for the 60 foot pool. A new installation of 14 collectors on the roof of the Main Lodge Expansion furthers this commitment. Solar energy will be part of the planning of any future projects.  Resident John Radebaugh feels strongly about OceanView’s commitment  to environmental responsibility. “I’m a part of Earthcare, a group of residents at OceanView who want to be aware of what nature offers. One of the things we’re very interested in is solar power,” says Dr. Radebaugh. “It isn’t developed very well in this country and we’re appreciative of any efforts to try and develop solar at OceanView and other areas nearby because that’s the future of energy sources and really makes a difference.”

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Staying Sustainable

for the next 25 years…and beyond!

Did you know that OceanView makes smart growth a core part of its mission? In addition to preservingmature trees throughout our 60-acre campus, developing walking trails so we can enjoy those lovely acres, maintaining dedicated open space as conservation land, and supporting the Portland METRO to reduce cars on the road, our owner John Wasileski has conscientiously committed to alternative energy and solar power to help reduce our corporate carbon footprint.Being environmentally responsible is a big piece of the OceanView at Falmouth culture.

Since 2007, OceanView, in conjunction with ReVision Energy, has installed numerous solar hot water systems, including a 360 tube array on Hilltop Lodge, twelve flat plates on Falmouth House, heliocol collectors for our pool, and now, fourteen brand new collectors on the roof of the Main Lodge Expansion.

We were recently featured on ReVision Energy’s “Solar Road Tour” and you can check out the video below!

Main Lodge Expansion – November Update

The Main Lodge Expansion East Wing residents are almost all moved-in!  Final sidewalk paving and the last installment of turf and landscaping will be completed over the next two weeks.  The last decorative stonewall in the Courtyard is finished and it looks fantastic!  Our new North Carport has been completely framed and is awaiting roofing, siding, and finish work.

Library construction will begin in about a month. This exciting expansion of one of our most popular common areas marks the final phase of interior construction, with a tentative completion date of late January! We’ll be enlarging the space, adding cozy reading chairs, a new gas fireplace, and a computer center, too!

The first few South Wing units are slated for occupancy within the next couple of weeks.  Flooring, painting, finish work, cabinetry, and appliance deliveries are proceeding on schedule.  A new elevator and side entrance will also open up within the next few weeks. Exterior paint crews are also moving rapidly around the South Wing and with additional work on Hilltop Lodge. We’re so excited to get everyone into their new homes!

Main Lodge Expansion – October Update

Construction in the Main Lodge Expansion is continuing to proceed quickly and smoothly. Despite weather challenges in Maine, exterior finish work and roofing in the South Wing are almost complete. Interior drywall, cabinetry, flooring, and millwork in the East Wing are also moving right along. Decorative stone walls, additional landscaping, and site work are also wrapping up around the North parking lot, East Wing, and courtyard areas.

The OceanView development team, led by Matt Teare and John Wasileski, is working hard to keep our construction team on schedule. John and Matt have been in touch with new move-ins early this week and will continue to update Main Lodge Expansion residents later this week with timetable and progress updates. Gloria and Gail have also done a great job working with construction personnel and the design team to assist with every step of the process!

As always, take a peek below at some of our recent photos from the past month:

Main Lodge Expansion – September Update

The Main Lodge Expansion is moving closer to completion! The roof of the South Wing will be finished within the next two weeks. The interior finish work in the East Wing is ongoing and the South Wing interior finish work will begin as soon as it is framed in and watertight with windows and siding.  Stone masons will be back on site to finish decorative walls within the next couple of weeks. We will be offering new, detached garages for our Lodge residents in the West and North parking areas, and those will  starting construction shortly.  The garages in the front parking lot near the main entrance of the Lodge building (West parking lot) will also net some new parking spaces, a revised circular traffic flow, and a nicely landscaped island.  Our landscape consultant, David Haines, worked with residents to develop a plan to include trellises, hanging vines, and additional landscaping to visually shield the carports from adjacent neighbors and blend in with characteristic OceanView natural buffers.

As always, take a peek below at some of our recent photos from the past month:

Main Lodge Expansion – August Update

We’re inside! Just this week, our residents who will be moving into new or renovated apartments in the East Wing had the opportunity to check out the interior of their new home and the amazing views! The apartments have been “sheet-rocked” and some of the fixtures and appliances have arrived and are standing by to be installed. The decks are complete, and we were able to step outside and really take in the gorgeous scenery. Our residents, both old and new, are looking forward to relaxing in these spacious, beautiful apartments this fall.

The South Wing expansion is also proceeding rapidly.  Framing crews are working on the third floor and are constructing the rafters, with structural improvements to the existing building.  Finish grading, boulder walls and curbing are almost complete in the South parking area.

The first phase of landscaping has just been finished in our Gazebo Courtyard. Sod, irrigation, new shrubbery, trees and flower beds by Gail Jones will be completed by next week — just in time for the mid-August grand opening of The Gazebo Grille!

As always, take a look below at our photo slideshow featuring some fantastic aerial shots from last month and some more interior photos from the tour!

Main Lodge Expansion – July Update

It seems like just yesterday when we broke ground and our construction team was working through blizzards and snow drifts to build and renovate our new apartments – now the temperatures are soaring and we’re getting closer to moving inside and out of the sun. We have windows installed on the East Wing and the roofing will be completed soon. Our stone masons are finishing the elevator shaft for the South Wing this week. We are also nearing completion of the stone wall construction around our courtyard and gazebo area so that it will be ready for The Gazebo Grille, our new café and pub, when it opens next month! As always, here’s a slideshow with some recent contstruction pictures.

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Main Lodge Expansion

Main Lodge Expansion – June Update

The Main Lodge Expansion is taking shape faster and faster, and the crews will soon be working on the interior apartments and hallways. Just this week, electric meters have been installed for the apartments of the fully-framed East Wing along with the wiring for our new elevator in the South Wing.The framing of this side is now underway. We have also begun designing our back garden for the fall and have ordered some beautiful Dr. James Parkinson tulips from the Maine Parkinson’s Society to complement the other Hope Gardens that can be found around the campus. We’ve also added the finishing touches to the new parking lot next to Hilltop Lodge, including a number of brand new trees and fresh mulch. A large, two bedroom, two bath corner apartment has come back on the market. Please contact Gloria Walker at 781-4460 if you are interested in more details! Take a peek at the slideshow below for the latest photos from our expansion project.

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Whipple Farm

One Site Left to Custom-Build at Whipple Farm

OceanView recently celebrated the completion of the 41st home at the Whipple Farm expansion to the OceanView campus. The project consists of 40 cottage-style homes and two townhouses in an antique reproduction barn. The master-plan includes the preservation of five acres of open space as conservation land, maintaining the picturesque view of the historic, pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse on the property.

“With most of the neighborhood completed, we’ve found that the Whipple Farm residents are younger retirees, attracted by the spacious floor plans and maintenance-free lifestyle,” Said Gloria Walker, Sales and Marketing Manager. “It allows them to forego an interim move to a condo and enjoy the benefits of a close-knit, full-service community just minutes from Portland. They have time to enjoy the things they love and don’t have to make a future move if their needs change.”

The cottage-style homes at Whipple Farm are designed with traditional Cape Cod architecture. The Whipple Farm barn has been rebuilt and includes two townhouse style homes as well as common area space for a wood working shop, locker rooms, coffee cafe and indoor pool access. The three-season pool is approximately 20′ X 60′ in length and is the site of a very popular water aerobics class that runs from May through October. The 1756 farmhouse has been preserved and is available as a community meeting space and for resident programs. Falmouth Historical Society uses the upstairs for office space.

“The community atmosphere was a big selling point for me,” said Judy Gass, a Massachusetts native and early buyer at Whipple Farm. “I sold my Cape Cod residence to be closer to my family and Portland. I lived in Portland a long time ago and it really has become a destination city,” said Gass, whose daughter lives in southern Maine.

Included in the Whipple Farm project is the development of a loop walkway that connects to local schools via the Esther O’Brien trails, and is designed to enhance walking opportunities for OceanView residents and neighbors.

For more information about the final site or for any Whipple Farm resale cottages at OceanView, contact Gloria Walker at (207) 781-4460.


Main Lodge Expansion – Spring Update

What do you do with a handful of beautiful trees when you need the space for construction but would hate to cut them down? Send them to summer camp, of course!

For John Wasileski, OceanView’s owner and developer, it was easy. Because of John’s love for marrying community planning and environmental conservation, he wanted to make sure that as we cleared space for our Expansion, we were able to save some of the beautiful trees and gardens planted in that area. By working with Lappin Landscaping, we have dug up many of the trees and their roots and transferred them to a nursery for safe keeping and care. They will then be replanted as part of our landscaping plan for the Expansion this fall. Even the bulbs from our backyard garden have been scooped up and taken home by OceanView friend Gail Jones, to be replanted when the garden is ready.

We also recently brought in a crane to move our Gazebo! The Gazebo is a resident favorite at the Main Lodge – it’s a great spot to sit in the summertime with a good book or to watch outside when the snow is piling up around it in the winter.

Take a look below to see how things are shaping up this spring as part of our Main Lodge Expansion:

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